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www.awesomeleatherblog.com http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com This is the place for a great selection of Men's, Women's and Children's Leather Motorcycle Apparel.From jackets, caps, gloves,chaps and women's leather tops we have it all. Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:47:16 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.1 Motorcycle Gloves http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=93 http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=93#comments Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:47:16 +0000 DalePoeschel http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=93 Motorcycle gloves play a multitude of services for a motorcycle rider. Gloves provide protection along with warmth on those cold early morning or early spring  rides. We can’t forget those late season rides either. Gloves  can provide warmth as well as protection for the hands in case of an accident also.

Gloves ar available in a wide variety of styles and colors. There are gloves with built in riding comfort features built into them such as gel pouches to help battle fatigue. There are fingerless gloves available which are cooler to ride with on those hot summer days and they also provide some rider protection in case of an accident.

As always dress for the ride. Think about your safety in what you wear when you ride, ride cautiously and always try to think of what the other persons going to do and  what his next move is going to be. Ride safe and Enjoy the beauty that it provides.

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Motorcycle Chaps Protect http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=81 http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=81#comments Thu, 22 Mar 2012 03:53:53 +0000 DalePoeschel http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=81 Motorcycle season is upon us and much sooner than normal. It’s time to take a look at ourselves and what we’ve grown to or haven’t grown to. Wouldn’t want to go to the bike or the closet to find they no longer fit. When they don’t fit good or are to big or to small they are very uncomfortable to wear and often times not worn because of it.
The main reason for wearing chaps is for the protection that they provide the rider and the passenger. There many styles of chaps on the market just plain ones and then there’s the one’s that are all decked. Some have multiple pockets and are adjustable for added comfort.

Like with any Leather products they also need to be cleaned and conditioned. Cleaning and conditioning Leather prolongs the life of the Leather. This also makes the Leather more supple and thus more desirable to wear. Some think that the only reason for chaps is to look good but I don’t think they have ever laid a bike down. The protection is greatly appreciated in this situation.

Safety while riding a motorcycle should always be of high importance. There a vast many suppliers of motorcycle chaps on the market and many sell very light low quality leather which offers little to no protection. So buy good quality leather if you’re after more than just looks. Motorcycle Riding is always more enjoyable when you feel safe and your comfortable while being safe. Ride safe and enjoy the sites to be seen!!!!

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Motorcycle Jackets http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=75 http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=75#comments Sun, 11 Mar 2012 19:40:24 +0000 DalePoeschel http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=75 There’s great value in a motorcycle jacket not just for looks but also for protection. The leather used for most leather jackets is heavier by design with protection in mind. Many leather motorcycle jackets have padding built into the elbows and shoulders.They come with a variety of  pockets both zippered and snaps.

Many motorcycle jackets have comfort designed into them with built in zippered vents which can be opened and closed for comfort. Some come with removable liners and built in back support. The variety of pockets and there locations allow the rider to carry merchandise securely giving the rider much peace of mind. Most motorcycle jackets have adjustable sides making them more comfortable to wear.

The weathers getting nice out the bikes are rolling and urges are high to get that bike out of the corner and head down the road. Make sure you have your Leather Jacket, Chaps, boots and Gloves on for safety sake as there’s still a lot of salt and sand on the roads. Ride safe!!!!

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Get Your Holiday Leather Gear Here! http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=37 http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=37#comments Fri, 02 Dec 2011 23:56:52 +0000 DalePoeschel http://www.awesomeleatherblog.com/?p=37  


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